Gender Female
Vocal Age 40s / 50+
Accent RP and Neutral

Gravitas, Warm

Michaela Saunders

  • Commercials

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  • TV Promos, Continuity and Narration

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Smooth and warm. An assured and intelligent sound.

Voice over credits:

  • Commercial clients including NatWest, Saab, Nintendo, M&S and Barclays
  • Music ads including Derek Jacobi & Anne Read, John Rutter and Christmas Classical Voices compilation album
  • Former continuity announcer for BBC One, BBC Two and Drama
  • Promo voice for Discovery

Michaela was the voice that launched both BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly known as Radio 7) and BBCHD (the BBC’s first high definition channel).

Her background is musical, has a 3 ½ octave singing voice (soprano) and she also plays and teaches piano.


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