Gender Female
Vocal Age 30s
Accent North America

Jess Wachsman

  • Voice Reel

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Warm, versatile US accent.

Voice over credits:

  • Commercial clients including MTV, Ralph Lauren, Hilton, Comcast, McDonald’s, Pampers, Burger King, Oral B, Pizza Hut, Adidas, FedEx, Corona and Domino’s Pizza
  • Character voices for video games and animations including Grand Theft Auto, Metal Slug 3D and Pokémon
  • Narrator of Pop Profiles (Fuse Network) and Sextistics (TLC)

Jessica’s voice has been featured in many venues both here in the UK and across the pond in the US. Her credits include TV and radio commercials, video games, feature films, websites, animated projects, telephone greetings, cartoons, audiobooks, GPS systems, corporate presentations - just about everything you can think of!


Wisebuddah act as voice over agent for Jess Wachsman
For bookings and enquiries, please get in touch with the team or 020 7307 7446

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