Gender Male
Vocal Age 40s / 50+
Accent North America

David Bedella

  • Commercials

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  • TV Promos

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American musical theatre star who brings a captivating stage presence to an endearing and entertaining voice.

Voice over credits:

  • Commercial clients including RE/MAX, Shell and EMTEC
  • Character voice as Victor in Thomas & Friends both in the UK and USA
  • Narrator of Forbidden History (Yesterday)

David is best known for his Lawrence Oliver Award winning role as Satan/Warm up man in the Jerry Springer Show - The Opera at Edinburgh Festival, the Royal National Theatre, Sydney Opera House and on film for the BBC.

He has since appeared in a number of West End and Broadway productions including Sweeney Todd, The Rocky Horror Show, West Side Story, A Chorus Line (which won him the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor) and In The Heights (which won his second Lawrence Oliver Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role).

David has also appeared in Batman Begins and Alexander.


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