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Plus is the brand new updatable jingle service from Wisebuddah. Here's how it works:

  • Select your favourite IDs from the genre's below by adding to shortlist.
  • Send shortlist to us using our contact option at the bottom of the page.

The service is regularly updated, and our Production team will be dedicated to guiding you through every step of the way, from lyric choice through to the day your package goes on air.

  • Kickin The Dust

    Driving modern country with fiddle motif
    A Major
    • Kickin The Dust - Full Mix

    • Kickin The Dust - Ramp

    • Kickin The Dust - Shotgun

  • Truckin Free

    Gritty rock inspired country theme with electric guitar motif
    G Major
    • Truckin Free - Full Mix

    • Truckin Free - Ramp

    • Truckin Free - Shotgun

  • Heartland

    Anthemic modern country rock ballad
    D Major
    • Heartland - Full Mix

    • Heartland - Ramp

    • Heartland - Shotgun

  • Blue Jeans

    Modern country theme featuring mandolin and banjo motif
    D Major
    • Blue Jeans - Full Mix

    • Blue Jeans - Ramp

    • Blue Jeans - Shotgun

  • Down The Line

    Contemporary country backwoods pickin.
    G Major
    • Down The Line - Full Mix

    • Down The Line - Ramp

    • Down The Line - Shotgun

  • Firecracker

    High-Energy country rock theme
    A Major
    • Firecracker - Full Mix

    • Firecracker - Ramp

    • Firecracker - Shotgun

  • Good Time Mornings

    Upbeat country-rock morning show theme
    G Major
    • Good Time Mornings - Full Mix

    • Good Time Mornings - Ramp

    • Good Time Mornings - Shotgun

  • Highway 65

    Modern anthemic country with crowd motif
    A Major
    • Highway 65 - Full Mix

    • Highway 65 - Ramp

    • Highway 65 - Shotgun

  • Southern Breeze

    Feelgood southern inspired theme featuring squeeze box motif
    E Major
    • Southern Breeze - Full Mix

    • Southern Breeze - Ramp

    • Southern Breeze - Shotgun

  • The Big Hour

    High energy country rock top of hour theme
    C Major
    • The Big Hour - Full Mix

    • The Big Hour - Ramp

    • The Big Hour - Shotgun

  • The Biz

    Positive daytime entertainment theme featuring mandolin and steel guitar.
    F Major
    • The Biz - Full Mix

    • The Biz - Ramp

    • The Biz - Shotgun

  • On The Road

    Driving traffic theme featuring guitar motif
    D Major
    • On The Road - Full Mix

  • Looking Up

    Light relaxed weather theme
    D Major
    • Looking Up - Full Mix

    • Looking Up - Shotgun