Ladybird Books: Back to School

Ladybird Books: Back to School

Using the book Topsy and Tim Go To School as a backdrop we created 5 x 8’ online audio pieces for Ladybird. These shows were aimed at parents who were sending their children to school for the first time, and were full of real and practical advise on everything from how schools work, through to the emotional side of saying goodbye to your children for the first time.

We followed a real family from Milton Keynes through their summer as they made preparations for the big day. We interviewed teachers and parents who had already been through the experience. Celebrities told us about their stories, and most importantly the programmes featured Drishti - our 5 year old star who was setting out on her big education adventure. Each episode also featured Drishti’s Mum reading extracts of Topsy and Tim Go To School, as a way discussing with Drihti was she was likely to expect.

  • Back to School

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