Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs

BBC 6 Music's weekend breakfast show presented by Mary Anne Hobbs, broadcast every Saturday and Sunday 7-10am

Presenter: Mary Anne Hobbs
Producer: Kate Cocker
Assistant Producer: Jack Howson
Executive Producer: Clare Chadburn
Mary Anne Hobbs embodies the Spirit of 6 with the definitive weekend soundtrack, produced by Wise Buddah Creative.
This is your alternative Weekend Breakfast Show listen presented by a true champion of new music in all it's forms. It's approachable. It's informative. And it's filled with killer tunes.

Current features include ‘The 3 Minute Epiphany’, ‘The Sunriser’, ‘The Key Of Life’ interview and ‘6 Best Bits’. These are a mixture of music features, culturally stimulating interviews with high caliber guests, features that allow audience interaction and cross-promotional moments for the station. 


Mary Anne Hobbs - March 18th update

Mary Anne Hobbs' show continued to ride the wave of 6 Music's celebration of comedy with a visit from CBBC favourite: Hacker T Dog.

In fact there was a complete takeover of the BBC Homepage and the 6 Music site

This weekend our Sunriser (Record of the Weekend) was James Blake's "Voyeur", which made it the first play of the album track in the UK. 
You might already know that though, as you may have seen it here

In addition Mary Anne dropped some classic Sinatra, Handel and Savages across the weekend. 
Mary Anne Hobbs - March update

This weekend saw our 10th weekend on air.

We launched the Weekend Breakfast Show with Mary Anne Hobbs on 5th January 2013 and working with her has been nothing but a pleasure.

Our highlights have included:
- Launching with a really lovely video

- Key Of Life interviews with Richard Hawley and Johnny Marr

and many 3 Minute Epiphanies from Howard Goodall, Roman Krznaric and this weekend Haim on what it's like to be in a family band.

In fact you can check out all the highlihgts of the show here.

Our social media presence is something we care about deeply. We feel that it is part of everything that we do and every week a lot of though goes in to it. This weekend we designed and drew a Mother's Day Card for our listeners to pass on to their own mothers!

& lastly next weekend: Hacker The Dog does a 3 Minute Epiphany. Click here.

Producer: Kate Cocker

Mary Anne Hobbs: Broadcast 05/01/2013 & 06/01/2013
This Saturday, Mary Anne Hobbs launches the new weekend breakfast show, embracing the spirit of BBC Radio 6 Music with a beautiful blend of music, arts and culture.

Mary Anne's hand picked soundtrack will include the likes of David Bowie, Bob Marley and Nina Simone mixed with her choice of brand new artists like George Ezra and new tracks from the likes of Burial.

She also reflected on the blossoming New Year in the "3 Minute Epiphany" with Roman Krznaric, founder of the Empathy Museum.

Click here to read The Observer's article on Mary Ann's new show.

For the show's teaser video click here.

Nemone - Broadcast: 20/10/2012 & 21/10/2012
This weekend was a split presenter weekend – Nemone in London on Saturday and Jo Good covering from Media City in Salford on Sunday.
Swedish singer songwriter and romanticist Jens Lekman provided a BEAUTIFUL Most Played – 10 of his favourite songs. I love how the musicians’ choices often sounds like their music! Jens’ Most Played tied the weekend together along with some wonderful music from both Nemone and Jo.

On Saturday though the highlight was a Culture Club with Vod (Zawe Ashton) and Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) from Fresh Meat – who shared their cultural loves and music in Culture Club, and revelled in the music of student life.

Producer - Kate Cocker
Nemone - Broadcast: 13/10/2012 & 14/10/2012
This weekend we had a sort of accidental film weekend with Agyness Deyn celebrating her acting role in the remake of film “Pusher” by providing a playlist of her favourite tunes in Most Played.

Then on Saturday Valerie Farris and Jonathan Deyton – directors of new film Ruby Sparks and old film Little Miss Sunshine, shared stories about directing, and gave their cultural recommendations in Culture Club.

And if that wasn’t enough, the whole of 6 Music got excited as Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink actress Molly Ringwald breezed in for a Record Exchange. Her track was “The Blues are Still Blue” Belle and Sebastian, and Nemone chose a Magnetic Fields track for her. She revealed that John Hughes mixtapes were AWESOME, and that he had written Pretty in Pink for her after she gave him the Psychadelic Furs track of the same name.

What a big weekend – we could have almost done a Strictly Come Dancing “Hollywood” style theme… but that would have been too obvious ;-)

Producer - Kate Cocker
Nemone - Broadcast: 06/10/2012 & 07/10/2012

This weekend we played out our Tori Amos Record Exchange.
She was an amazing guest – full of warmth, musical credibility and great shoes:

We also had a great Most Played from Sheffield born and bred Toddla T to celebrate Sheffield Sunday on BBC Radio 6 Music. AND there was a lot session replays from BBC Radio 6 Music Live at Maida Vale from that week.

A full show but this week, more so than any other, we provided a window to the rest of the radio station reflecting and pointing to the exciting content available to the listeners.

Producer - Kate Cocker

Nemone - Broadcast 30/09/2012

This weekend we had a Most Played from Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves Of Destiny who had been in on that week for Live Music Monday for BBC Radio 6 Music – see this tumblr here for some great photos:

It was a really good way to be able to talk about the day so it felt like part of the fabric of the show. We recorded this back in February too so it was really nice to be able to finally use the content now.

I love the Most Played feature as with some of them you really get to hear the influences that run through the artists’ choices.

The feature is: pick 10 of your favourite tunes and make it into a playlist.
What does our listener get out of it: they hear people they love talking about their music, and we put the playlists on line for our listeners to then be able to go find the tunes.

Here is the list of Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves of Destiny (well it was only Dav – so it was a Hoof of Destiny!)

Can - Mushroom

Beach Boys - Good Vibations

Serge Gainsbourg - Initials BB

Velvet Underground - Rock n Roll

Michael Nyman – Eye For An Optical Theory
Pink Floyd – Lucifer
13th Floor Elevators - Levitation
Captain Beefheart - Plastic Factory
Cat Stevens – The Wind
The GTO's - Circular Circulation

Nemone - broadcast 01 & 02/09/12

This weekend the actor, comedian and director Tony Hawks talked us through his new film, Playing The Moldovans At Tennis, and shared some of his favourite things to do, see and hear in Culture Club.

Singer-songwriter Jessie Ware revealed her musical genetics in Most Played, where she chooses her ten favourite tracks.

And the listeners helped out too, with DJs In PJs getting everyone dancing at 9.30 on a Saturday morning. The listeners could choose a dance track; the only rule was that they had to be in their pyjamas.

You can listen on BBC iPlayer to Saturday's show here and Sunday's show here.

Nemone - broadcast 25 & 26/08/12

Nemone woke up her listeners to their bank holiday weekend with musical and cultural stimulation, enlisting a little help picking the tunes from singer-songwriter and all round rock 'n' roll champion Eugene McGuinness. He curated his Most Played list for the listeneres to wrap their ears round.

Alexandra Heminsley also dropped in for the monthly dose of Book Club, with her recommendations for this month's must reads.

And the listeners helped out too, when DJs In PJs returns to get everyone dancing at 9.30 on a Saturday morning. The listeners could choose a dance track; the only rule was that they had to be in their pyjamas.

On Sunday there was another lie in to follow on Monday, so this morning was extra relaxed with hand-picked tunes and snoozy features.

And John Foxx, early Ultravox member, electronica experimentalist, dance pioneer and graphic artist, also joined Nemone for a Record Exchange.

You can hear a clip of John's Record Exchange here!

Nemone - broadcast 18 & 19/08/12

Nemone provides your perfect Sunday Soundtrack, whether you're up with the larks or still beneath the comfort of your duvet.

For the Olympic month of August Nemone is asking her guests to test their stamina in a Marathon Record Exchange - a full hour of talking music, record collections and swapping tunes. This weekend Hot Chip and 2 Bears man, Joe Goddard, shares tracks, talks about his projects and looks at the new Hot Chip album.

And there is the second part of Most Played from Nemone's chosen guest - Paolo Sorrentino - who directed the Sean Penn film This Must Be The Place. Now out on DVD, the director takes a minute to go through his Most Played tunes for you this morning.

Nemone - broadcast 04 & 05/08/12

This weekend Nemone introduces special feature Marathon Record Exchange...

What is a Marathon Record Exchange?

In Olympic month Nemone is testing the stamina and musical strength of her guests and their record collections in an extended Record Exchange. Usually she swaps one record with her guests in the Record Exchange and it take about 15 minutes. For the next three Sundays (August 5th, 12th and 19th) her guests talk and swap music for an hour, starting with poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah.

How did that come about?
We wanted to do some “special” programming through August and we decided that we would extend the Record Exchanges. We decided initially to tie them into the Olympic Marathon weekends and called them Marathon Record Exchanges. 

Why Benjamin Zephaniah?
We have wanted him on for ages, and knowing that the BC Radio 6 Music celebration of 50 years of Jamaican Independence was coming up then we booked him ages ago. He was a brilliant and timely guest choosing songs from The Cure and Millie Small.

You can hear it here!

And a “nice one” goes to….
The Marathon Record Exchanges are a bit of a triumph for the show’s Assistant Producer Jack Howson who not only came up with the name of the series, but also booked all 3 guests. The output was a team effort and are true appointments to listen to BBC Radio 6 Music.

Kate Cocker (Producer)

Nemone - broadcast 21 & 22/07/12

This weekend we had one of “those” moments in radio where you feel like you capture a mood and connect with your audience. We were able to make contact with the British Tour De France team on the morning that cyclist Bradley Wiggins was about to make history as the first Brit to win the Tour De France.

Hear it here!

Two weeks ago Dan Guillemette, Lead Physio of Team Sky, the British Cycling team at the Tour De France, emailed the show to thank Nemone for her support. It turns out that he had been listening in at the weekends while getting the riders up and ready for the stages of the Tour.

On Sunday morning we made contact with Dan, he told Nemone about the feeling of excitement in the camp, how the team are doing and what music they listen to on the bus between stages.

Why are things like this important?

Firstly, this is something that is “Nemone”. She has been supporting the Tour since it started 3 weekends ago. It makes sense in her world.

Secondly, all that is being talked about this morning is that history is about to be made at the Tour, a week before the Olympics starts. It’s something that then connects with the audience beyond the cycling community – it’s very topical.

Thirdly, Dan talks about the music in the camp, revealing the eclectic taste of the music and reveals that Bradley Wiggins is the one in charge of the music on the bus. – this brings it in to line with 6 Music.

Fourthly, we get an audience “win”:

This kind of content creates a buzz within a community that might not necessarily know about BBC Radio 6 Music. On twitter we tweet a clip of the content and then the retweets are valuable. We also become part of the “Tour De France” chat on Twitter that day by using the hashtag #tdf. We will tweet again when the coverage begins later in the day. Hopefully, activity like this helps to build the audience awareness, and new listeners will then try us out.

Kate Cocker (Producer)


Nemone - broadcast 14 & 15/07/12

This weekend we used Storify for the first time – here: 

Rhodri Marsden joined Nemone to talk cyber goings on in Culture Club. 

After a review of the show a few weeks ago, I realised that we could do more listener interaction on these segments. I always know what Rhodri is going to talk about earlier in the week – so we now make sure we see if there is a way for our listener can be involved.

Rhodri had said he wanted to talk: Code Club, Tetris and Storify. Storify lends itself well to radio.

If you’ve not come across Storify before it’s a way of creating stories out of all social media, and then storing it in one place. Rhodri had used it as a way to collect tweets people had sent him on certain topics. This is an entertaining way of using Storify, but more seriously news broadcasters have been known to utilise it as a way to create time lines or collect reaction of events.

On Saturday morning we decided to use it with the listeners to create our own story. Audio consequences. The response was good and we had five stages – the listeners sent in their text on text or twitter. Here’s a small sample of the texts, including the mandatory mention of XTC from one of those stalwart 6 Music listeners.

Kate Cocker (Producer)

Nemone - broadcast 07 & 08/07/12

On the weekend of the release of their ninth album Swing Lo Magellan, this weekend Nemone had brilliant Brooklyn band Dirty Projectors do a Most Played.

What is a “Most Played”?

Most Played is a feature we run on Nemone’s show, across the Saturday and Sunday. It is basic - guests put together and introduce a playlist of their “Most Played” songs. It’s essentially just a mixtape, occasionally there is a theme, often it’s just a collection of loved songs, and it always throws up interesting and exciting song combinations.

The added value the listener gets from the feature is twofold: 1) they get an unusual insight into the guest via their choices and introduction; and 2) they get a chance to discover/rediscover tracks through the guests suggestions.

This week Dave from Dirty Projectors took the feature to a new level and compiled a Most Played out of songs that inspired the writing of their new album “Swing Lo Magelan”. It is pronounced like this:

In a fascinating display of how his mind deconstructs and digests musical influences Dave Longstreth explained individual songs from his new album through 2 or 3 of the songs he had in mind while writing and recording. He did this for four tracks from Swing Lo Magellan, thus compiling a list of ten songs that directly inspired the new record.

Kate Cocker (Producer)


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