BBC Radio 1, originally broadcast 1st-4th October 2012

Producer: Kyle Lynd
Executive Producer: Clare Chadburn


Gaslights is a series of four stories about four different university ‘freshers’, written by a group of talented young scriptwriters but influenced by experiences of Radio 1 listeners. They reflect the funny, grim, beautiful, heartbreaking and downright cringeworthy experiences of being a student, set to a brilliant soundtrack of new music.

We asked the Radio 1 audience to send in experiences of being a fresher (and we’re not talking about the time you handed in your homework late or robbed a traffic cone). Taking those observations on life as a starting point, the 10-minute episodes are part fact, part fiction. Scripted by writers Kyle Lynd, Daniel Lovett, Joe Hampson and Jonathan Neil (Skins and Shameless), narrated by young actors, and given a perfect soundtrack to take you on a trip through the funny, poignant, melancholy, beautiful and outrageous moments of real British teenage life.

The stories of Mark, Hannah, Lauren and Tim are the kind of thing you just couldn’t make up and you probably wouldn’t want your parents to hear - the ridiculous scenarios you’ve found yourself in on a night out, freedom, weird new friends and characters you meet, trying out new stuff, homesickness, feeling isolated and alone, tying to keep alive a relationship from back home, forging relationships with people you wouldn't normally, or trying to make a good impression but failing miserably.

They are all set to a brilliant soundtrack including new music from Jake Bugg, Lucy Rose, Alt-J, Marina & The Diamonds, Kindness, Grizzly Bear, and How To Dress Well. 

Mark falls in love with the ‘Corridor Girl’ on a night out and ends up forging a strange friendship with ‘The Big Dog’.

Written by: Joe Hampson
Voiced by: Iain Batchelor

After breaking up with her boyfriend from back home, Hannah goes on a big night out to try and forget him.

Written by: Daniel Lovett and Kyle Lynd
Voiced by: Claire Harry

Meet Lauren Candy - she’s the kind of girl who eats fish-fingers straight off the tin foil and makes up dance-routines to ‘Boom Boom Pow’ in her room.

Written by: Daniel Lovett
Voiced by: Rachael Dalton-Deverell

Tim has gone to university to study Economics and calls his Step-Dad Brian most nights to ‘check in’, only to find his new world feels a million miles away from home.

Written by: Jonathan Neil
Voiced by: Robin Morrissey & Peter Lynd

All episodes produced by Kyle Lynd and Exec Produced by Clare Chadburn.


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